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The Institute of the Environment (IoE), formally endorsed by the UConn Board of Trustees on 30 January 2019, has a mission to advance research, education, and engagement concerning the environment and sustainability at the University of Connecticut.  It acts as an umbrella organization to enhance synergy, collaboration, and cooperation across all facets of the university including the arts and humanities, biophysical, engineering and social sciences, law and policy, and health and agriculture.  It engages faculty members, staff members and students to address some of the most pressing challenges to face society in the 21st Century (e.g., climate change, biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, energy and food security, and sustainability).  Moreover, the IoE collaborates with the operations components of the university to ensure that our institutional commitments to sustainability and green infrastructure are essential values that guide decision-making.  Administratively, the IoE currently comprises over 170 faculty members and includes four administrative units:  (1) Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE), (2) Connecticut State Museum of Natural History (CSMNH), (3) Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA), and (4) Office of Sustainability (OS).