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The Natural Resources Conservation Academy engages high school students, adult volunteers, and science teachers on issues concerning environmental conservation and sustainability. The Conservation Ambassador Program, a 10-month program for high school students interested in the environment, combines a 1-week field and classroom experience at UConn with a directed, individualized community-based conservation project that culminates in a student-prepared poster for the Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources. The Conservation Training Partnership focuses on informal STEM and cross-generational learning. It involves an intensive 2-day field-workshop on innovative mapping and web tools, and supports teams of high school students and adult volunteers, who design and execute a conservation project and showcase their work at the Connecticut Land Conservation Conference or Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources. The Teacher Professional Learning initiative focuses on secondary-school science-teachers during a 3-day professional development workshop that immerses participants in environmental issues regarding water. It provides “online mapping tools” to explore such issues and empowers teachers with classroom lessons on water and sustainability that align with Next Generation Science Standards